red pill rhymes

Years in the making, Red Pill Rhymes is a semi-autobiographical account of my life in the rapidly changing world around me. A world that has increasingly becoming a difficult place to speak up, communicate freely, and without judgment. This book became my salvation during times of sadness, uncertainty, and indeed, during my awakening.

From the rhyme schemes and topics, to the longer poetry story format and colored artwork, I wanted to create a book with a unique experience for the reader. This means poems that work as standalone pieces, but also act as interlocking parts to a larger story. A story that pushes back against mainstream narratives, with a disruptive voice in the popular formats that people are seeing on a regular basis in the poetry and social media communities.

This ultimately culminates in a book that artistically balances both ease of accessibility to new poetry readers, with a style that’s more spoken word, while simultaneously challenging the reader’s thoughts and beliefs.

The untold, finally told.


writer & poet