Wednesday September 17th, 2014

re: Party Lifestyle Inc.

Please accept this letter of resignation of my position as Old Self, effective immediately. While this does not give you the fortitude of two weeks notice and the opportunity to quickly find a replacement, I’m sure you will be able to do so in a timely manner.

My decision to resign was based on numerous factors, and after this many years, I owe it to you to outline all of the reasons so that they may be rectified in the future. Sufficed to say, your path didn’t meet my long term goals of being the best man I can be in this particular lifetime, and the change needed to happen now as opposed to later.

It should be known that while the work environment was more than suitable for a number of years, it grew stagnant. This was never more evident then when I attended a life training event called the Digital Dreams Music Festival this past summer. I realized I wasn’t the bright eyed naive young man I once was. You know, joining the company full of ambition and looking to move up the ladder.  I will never be attending a festival like this again. The trailers and hype videos did their jobs, they got me to commit to this workshop for two days. Nothing could be more than the truth. It was filth, dirty, and not even authentic. It felt artificial. It’s my fault for thinking it would bring me a youthful glow to a midlife crisis. Silly Old Me. I deserve a simpler life, I’ve paid my dues. Bought company stocks with entree fees, long lines in the cold, and countless sick days the day after long hours.

The workplace, specifically the coworkers, were not the type of people that were conducive to my progression. I read, I write, I learn, I grow. And while l loved working with these people, most of which I consider my closest friends, there comes a time where you have to step back and figure out what’s best for you. Those 4am late work nights were just too much. I prefer my quiet evenings and some structure, after all, I’m a homeowner now. I’m all for spontaneity, but not when the result is going to end up much the same each time.  The same location, the same people, the same conversations over and over again.  I love these people, and will continue to see them outside of work until they too, eventually come to their own epiphanies.

I’ll gladly help with any transition. No I won’t. That’s a lie.  I’m going to cash in all the vacation days earned over the years.  Truth be told, I’ve invested plenty of time and money into the company that I really don’t need to do anything more than leave the empty bottles for you to recycle. It was a compelling experience, one that I will remember forever. I thank you for the opportunity, but the New Self, and the responsibilities therein, simply provide a higher intrinsic reward system and a better benefits package. Plus, I no longer have to work weekends!


New Self.