I’ve come to the conclusion that in this world, there are two types of people: energy takers and energy givers.  I’m now in the business of hanging with more energy givers. I’m tired, literally, of dispensing my energy to people who simply take, take, and take.  Those people, may still of course be my friends, but associating with them will be in moderation, or at least in the company of vast amount other friends who are givers. That’s right, no more hanging with people like CharlizeTheron ala Snow White and the Huntsman or Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.

These people suck the life out of you.  You become miserable and upset, it’s depressing.  I much prefer to be around people who are positive, and share that positive energy with others.

My true self is being happy, being funny and witty, and smiling a lot.  But when you surround yourself with people who are the exact opposite, and you can’t bring them back up, you start to become them.  Nightmare.  I know enough about myself to realize I tend to mirror what’s around me. If there’s negativity, no matter if I’m in a great mood, I’ll mirror that negative state of mind.  So I’m calling all energy givers out there, I’m your guy.  I want to be part of the team.  Sure we might lose sometimes, like when we turn on CNN, or when you see all your banking fees, but hey, at least we can have breakfast on the deck and start to feel better.