“Being spontaneous is being able to respond with confidence; calmly trusting that, whatever the outcome, you will have a positive if challenging experience that will lead to greater self-awareness and success.”

This has been a challenge of mine for the life of me, but I am trying to understand this idea more and more as time goes on.  The problem lies in my inherent need to plan. I am, after all, a teacher.  Meticulous planning comes with the territory. Naturally, this type of planning spills from the faucets of predictability, and drains into other facets of life.  I’ve always been one to try and grapple with the horns of the future. Give god a helping hand if you will, not that he needs my help. I just figure he has more important people to worry about, so why not try and save him some time.  I’m a firm believer that if you want something, you have to go get it.  You simply cannot sit back and let it come to you. So what are we talking about? Spontaneity in traveling? In dating? In finding love? In my career? I think there’s a time and place.  I want to be more spontaneous, but I don’t want to combust. So I’ll meet you half way. I think that sounds fair. I will let it play out, and not fear what might happen.  But you need to meet me half way too.  You have to give me a fighting chance. Yes, I’m talking to you.  I’m not about to jump out of a plane with no chute, pretty sure that’s not spontaneity, that’s stupidity.  But I’ll tell you what, I will jump out of a plane…with you.  Take a chance…spontaneity.