So my sister got married…

Instead of the big indian wedding that most indian girls are supposed to have, she preferred a secret ceremony in California in late August. Yosemite park to be exact. Only close friends, and one family member (me) knew about it.  Of course, she only recently got engaged and had invitations for an ‘engagement’ party sent out this fall.  What was supposed to be an engagement party last weekend, to most people’s surprise, was actually the wedding party. My parents only found out a few weeks prior, that they had already got married.  I’ll never forget the text she sent me the day she told them. She said ‘don’t come to mom and dad’s, I’m telling them tonight’. I reluctantly obliged 🙂

The following is a wedding speech that I prepared after the fact.  I felt it might be better to have the speech on here, where more people could have access to it. She’d like that. Much like her wedding, I wanted this speech to be done in a unique way, understated and bold at the same time, full of heart and wonder so the memory would last forever. So here it is..the unspoken speech.

<start by tapping a fork against a glass to get everyone’s attention>

Hey Everyone! Could I have everyone’s attention?

<pause and wait for Rick and Kir to finish filling their drinks and telling their jokes about me going up and doing a speech. Probably crack a joke about the last time I made a speech which was at Jane’s wedding>

Thanks so much for being here, braving the elements. Dad do you need your winter hat buddy? You look a little cold. My dad still rocks the same winter hat he got when he first came to Canada and realized how cold it was. <I hold up the winter hat> Straight off the boat winter hat.

<pause for laughter or crickets>

Listen, mom and dad, in the spirit of this surprise wedding from Smita and Mark, I have some big news….you sitting down? It’s true, I got married in Las Vegas last weekend!! Oh thank you. It’s been a whirlwind. I’m so happy. I’m kidding! Look at my mom’s face.

<wait for small applause and laughter, or crickets. Wait, are there crickets in the fall? Might actually just be silence, which is so much worse. Crickets would be a godsend in a bad speech compared to silence>

I’m going to keep this short and neat. Much like my whiskey here. When my sister and I were young. She would follow me around everywhere. This had a lot to do with age. I was the older brother, I had to take care of her. We fought. We argued. We grew older. Smita became the wonderful woman you see before you. Strong, independent, smart and savvy. She, for as long as I can remember, has always been the type to do things her own way. She moved out long before me, traveled much more than I did, and just in general seized each day. I could never do some of the things she’s done in her life, I wish I could. So much so, that Smita isn’t following me anymore. I’m proudly following her. No not the Twitter way Johnny! Even though she’s younger, I can say I look up to my sister. It’s astonishing really. Life takes these unexpected turns, but Smita doesn’t seem to really get phased by them. Takes them in stride.  I’m learning more about her each day. So when she told me she was going to be with Mark for the rest of her life, and that she was going to get married in California in a small ceremony, it didn’t so much as surprise me, as it did put a smile on my face. “Wedding in the mountains? Of course you are” I thought to myself. That’s my sister for you. And Mark, he’s just a great guy, and perfect for her. Proud to call him my brother. But what’s special about these two, is that they carved their own future, paved their own path. And I admire both of them for that. Love them even more for that.

So let’s have a toast to the new ahem not so new bride and groom. <pause> Yo, don’t invite us to California or anything. We hate the hot weather <pause for laughter among the younger crowd, they’ll get the joke>

If you could raise your glasses everyone. Take a look at the love that both Mark and Smita have for each other, share that feeling in this moment in time with the friends and family that are closest to you. And wish them happiness forever.


Some words are better left unspoken, but that doesn’t mean they have to go unsaid. Sometimes, they are written. The unspoken speech.