We all have our own way of dealing with issues.  We all have problems.  We all have, our vices.  There was a time where I would look down at the various ways people would deal with their problems, handle life, or ways they chose to have a good time. That there were better vices than others. Cigarettes. I know now, that as long as the vice you choose doesn’t hurt anyone else or yourself, than that is just the choice you have made. I don’t have to agree with it, but I also don’t have any say it. Everyone is given a list. Choose your weapon, pick your poison.  Gambling.  I can’t be angry or judgmental, just because an individual has chosen something that I necessarily wouldn’t put at the top of my list.  Whether that’s drinking, or weed, or being reclusive and isolated, or working out. It doesn’t matter.  Drugs. We’re smart enough to realize that all of these things, all of them, are masking the underlying issues.  That’s why they are vices. I would argue, that a person who needs to drink to take away their anxiety, party until they blackout, or smoke weed before bed,  is equal to the person who has to run for miles and miles to do the same. To just get away.  Shopping. Yes, maybe the runner gets into shape, and that is beneficial to them.  Maybe the person who drinks is more sociable. But I’m not talking about indirect benefits or spill-off positives. I’m talking about the vice itself. Ice cream. I’m aware of these vices among people now more than ever.  I am not the person who has the right to pass judgement.  There is no pecking order when it comes to these things.  You’re put into a room, and there they all are. Scattered on the floor. Chocolate. It’s a choice that you and others simply have to live with.  Is there hope that you yourself, and others, eventually break the shackles and are released from the grips of such vices? Absolutely. We all have that strength. Sex. Time usually heals all, along with the self-awareness that grows with age and maturity at any point in life. Until then, we just need to be more patient and understanding of each other. We all have our own way of dealing with issues. We all have problems.  We all have, our vices. Writing.